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Antecrastination is the opposite of procrastination.

From ante (Latin: before, in front of, prior to, forward; used as a prefix) + crastinus (Latin: of tomorrow, from cras, tomorrow).

So, simply it means “before tomorrow” and it’s my word for the year. I just finished The War of Art by Steven Pressfield (again). I’ve read it maybe 10 times and got it this time in audio format to listen to in the car. It is a book about Resistance and procrastination is a form of resistance.

Resistance is defined in this case as the only thing that stands between where you are and where you want to be. As we begin this new year (it’s the 9th of January already!) I am aware of what I need to do to get things done and more aware of the things I am not doing. Procrastination is a big thing for me but I’m working on it.

What is your thing? What are you working on? As I think about antecrastination I just say to myself ‘before tomorrow’ and it seems to help.

Another thing I am doing is filling out my Daily Focus Schedule.

Click that link and you’ll get back to the article I wrote about it. I find I use it a bit differently that I used to. I used fill it out and put it in a 3 ring binder but then seldom looked at it during the day. It helped to fill it out but my focus would wander and most times I was not getting done the things I said were important.

Now I pull out a blank form, fill it out and leave it on my desk for the day. If I’ve done all I planned on I can put it in the drawer on the stack of ones I’ve completed and fill out a new one on the next work day. If I did not get it done, leaving it on the desk makes it easier to carry over the things not done and then file it.

Anyway, it seems to help me stay focused on the tasks I said were important.

So, what is your word for the year? I’d love to hear your perspective and how you plan to achieve your goals. Maybe we can help each other.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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How many do you need?

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That’s a question we ask a lot.

I was baking a cake yesterday for a small gathering and I had to check on several things. How many eggs, how much flour, how much sugar and butter. All those things go into a cake and it’d been a while since I had made one so I had to check and make sure I had enough but that is easy to do. Just check the recipe and you’ll have a shopping list.

It’s harder in this business. How many folks do you need in your database. It’s not a simple answer but there are some things to think about.

80% of all real estate deals involve agents that are referred from family and friends. Remember, that’s what makes this working by referral as productive as it is. We can talk about the 20% some other time but I want you to focus on the 80% for now.

Statistically, everyone knows 2 people who will be doing a real estate deal in the next 12 months. That’s just numbers and you can calculate it based on the number of folks we know,  how long we stay in our homes we own and the number of new households forming up right now. It’s just math (and I did the math) but there is more to it when you are working by referral.

If you have 100 folks in your database then that’s 200 deals or 400 sides in potential. The key word is ‘potential’. You will not get them all. The folks don’t always know what their friends are doing and they might give the referral to someone else. It happens.

Another stat I’ve heard lately is everyone knows 12 real estate agents so they are your competition, in a way. You’re competing with 11 agents for mind share of your database. The good news is most agents won’t use the same effort to stay in touch as you will. They won’t build the relationship in the same way you can. You will be the person your folks think of because of the contribution you make to them on a regular basis.

My goal and I believe yours should be to connect with 100 people and connect so well you get referrals from them. Out of the 400 sides that exist as potential I can show you how to get 20-30 or more and develop a great business in the process. One number I’ve heard recently is called Dunbar’s number. It says we can only maintain 150 stable social relationships and I suspect that’s pretty accurate. I’ve heard other number of 228, 231 and 290 but let’s be conservative and stick with the 150. If your goal is to care for your database at the highest level and dig deeper into the relationships so they know, like and trust you, then focus on the 150.

People move into and out of your life. Relationships change and get warmer or colder for lots of reasons but if you focus on building your database to 150 warm relationships and work to serve them, I’d say you’ll have a great business and enjoy the journey you go on with them.

If you tell me you have a database of 5000 or 10,000 I’m going to say it’s not a database but it’s a mailing list and if you are emailing or texting all of them you’re spamming. That used to work in our business and some say it still does but then so does cold calling and door knocking. The danger is it works but it’s like a slot machine. It pays just enough to keep you engaged while it empties your wallet and burns through the relationships at an unsustainable rate.

Focus on your 150 and I’ll do the same. It will pay off.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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Not my job

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My last job ended on August 31st, 2001. I have not gotten a paycheck from someone else since then but I have not missed a meal or slept under a bridge. I am really past age 55 and I hear it’s tough to get a job if you’re older but I hope to be gainfully unemployed for the rest of my life.

This blog is pointed toward real estate agents primarily but it applies to anyone who wants to be self employed and searching for a way to make that work. I’d like to explore the difference between a job and a business with you.

A job involves waiting. You have to fill out applications and then you wait. You get a call and they want to talk to you so you schedule a phone interview and  you wait. They call you again and schedule a face to face interview and then you wait. Waiting is hard to do when you need a job.

You get the call that says you got the job! Your start date is 30 days away so you wait. You get to the office on your start date and introduce yourself to the person at the front desk and they show you to a conference room and ask you to wait. You meet the HR director and they give you lots of stuff to fill out and then you wait. They introduce you to your new boss and you meet for a bit and get shown around, introduced to a few folks and then you sit down at your new desk. And wait.

Getting a job means waiting on lots of other folks and waiting to be picked. Having a business does not involve as much waiting. Surely there is a bit but no one is going to tell you what to do so you don’t have to wait on them. You get to decide the next steps toward getting customers, clients and maybe a few employees if it all goes well. It’s on you and that can be more frightening than waiting. I once heard the most frightening word in the English language is ‘Freedom’ and I think that might be true.

For over 100 years we have been conditioned to think we need a job. I blame the industrial revolution. Because of the need for compliant factory workers, public schools came into existence. The goal was to create those workers. Sit down, line up, wait and by all means, be quiet. It was needed and it worked in the 60’s, 70′ and 80’s. It’s shifted with a lot of those types of jobs being eliminated by tech or moving to less expensive locations. That’s not a bad thing but it certainly upsets what feels like normal to us.

No one really teaches you about owning a business. Being a real estate agent is a good way to start to learn but you have pay attention to some things you never cared about before. The big one that surprises most agents is the need for lead generation. When I started I had 300 folks that I thought would just ‘work with me’ because they knew me. I didn’t know they would throw my mailing in the trash, unopened. I didn’t want to pick up the phone and call them because I was afraid. As I look back, I’m not sure what I was afraid of but I remember the fear (some call it ‘call reluctance’).

The real estate business is stuck in the 80’s too in some regards. Most brokers teach cold calling and door knocking as the way to find business and the problem with that is it works. It’s like a slot machine that pays just enough to keep you engaged while it empties your pockets.

I believe the best business is referral based and my goal is to teach how to do that so you get started on the best path to success. Some make it in this business in spite of what’s taught but it’s a low 15% success rate. 85% don’t make it and I think that’s wrong.

There is lots to learn about running a business and you need to be connected to a brokerage that teaches that. If you are in the business less than a year and you think of it as a job, you’re in danger of being in that 85% who fail or quit.

If you don’t have the support you need then I encourage you to stay tuned here (sign up below for more info) and find a place to learn the business of real estate.

You’re welcome to call me or email me and we can talk if you like. I want you to succeed!

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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I’m not normal

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I changed my hair cut a while back and I’m reminded I am not normal.

When I was a kid and I decided to let my hair grow out from the buzz cut (I think I was about 6 or 7) my hair parted on the right side, naturally. My mom was not happy about it because most of the kids hair parted on the left side and she wanted mine to part on the left side like everyone else. She wanted me to be normal.

She decided she was going to fix it and that involved Dep hair gel, a nylon stocking pulled tight over my head to sleep and lots of frustration. It didn’t work by the way. My hair still parts on the right today and I’m OK with it. I think my mom is too.

Why am I telling you this? I wanted to share the thought that being ‘normal’ may not be for you. We are all created differently (yes, you are unique, just like everyone else) and that reflects in everything we do. Where we work, what job or business we have, how we communicate with people, how we relax and recharge. Everything.

Let me talk to my fellow real estate agents for a minute. (You can listen in if you’re not an agent).

We get told a lot of things in this business. Things are changing and I think it’s positive. When I started I was told I had to make cold calls, call expired listings and knock on doors.  That was the normal thing to do. We still tell people that but it’s changed a lot since 2003 and it will continue to change. We are moving into a connection economy and that changes how we do a lot of things.

Here’s a clip from Seth Godin about the connection economy. It will make you think a bit.

The old ways are going to go away because they don’t connect us to someone who cares.

Google’s new phone, the Pixel 3 (and all the other android phones that will soon support it) has a new feature called call screening. When a number pops up you don’t already have in your phone, you can screen it by letting the ‘assistant’ answer and it will transcribe in real time the conversation. She will ask who is calling and what’s the purpose of the call. You get typed out on the screen, the response and you can decide to answer, send to voicemail or send to spam.

Poof, no more cold calls. No more unknown calls, no more wasted time dealing with the folks who do that. Not even robo calls from politicians 🙂

Technology helps us in lots of ways. Have you ever used Google Maps and have it tell you to exit now and bypass a big traffic jam on the freeway? Waze will do it too and it’s owned by Google. It’s saved me literally hours of sitting in traffic. That happens because all the people using Google maps send back real time data as to speed and location so Google can figure out there is a traffic jam and can tell you about it. It’s pretty cool.

Marking the cold call as spam will do the same thing. As the spammer calls more Google users who mark it spam, the system will automatically divert the call and future users will never even get the call, saving all of us lots of time. That can change the math of cold calling from 1 in 100 to 1 in 200. It’s not going to stop all cold calling but they won’t be getting to me anymore with the silly offers to separate this real estate agent from him money.

Take that cold caller, time waster, script regurgitating drone.

So what does that mean for the real estate agent who has a business to run? We need to connect with new folks all the time to stay in business and the cold call route is going to die. Door knocking can work but most folks hate being interrupted at home as much as they hate spam. No soliciting signs on the door fixes some of that so that won’t be a good long term answer. It just gets harder to do business that way.

I would suggest it’s best to build relationships. Build trust by providing a valuable service or information so you are the one folks think of when they are asked who they would recommend. It’s called a referral and it works in any business or even jobs if you’re in sales.

But it starts with trust. You have to earn it and that is the work part.

Being normal or following the crowd will get you to ‘average’ and that is a bad place in most businesses. Especially if  you are the business owner. 85% of all new real estate agents are out of business inside of 3 years. Most new businesses fail inside of 5.

Don’t follow the crowd, they don’t know where they’re going.

Building relationships and connecting with people on a deeper level will always be better than other methods. You can’t fake it though. It has to be real or the folks you connect to will know it. It’s about caring and doing. It’s about making promises and keeping them.

That’s enough for now. I wanted to get that off my heart and mind as it came up to me this morning. I’d love to hear your feedback on this too. Comment below or email me. Conversation and connection is a good thing.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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I need your input .. Can you help me?

help photo

I’m preparing an online mentoring program for the Work By Referral from Day One (WorkRDO) folks and I’d love your input.

The focus is working by referral but there are lots of topics to cover under that idea. Lead generation is a big one but other are things like budgets, farming (yes, you can farm with a referral mindset), daily schedules, hiring an assistant and more.

What would you like to see covered?

I’d love to hear from you right now and I promise to read your response. You can leave a comment below or email me back at jerry at WorkRDO dot com (sorry to conceal my email a bit but spammers and robots are everywhere!!)

Either way you respond, I promise to read it. It will be a big help in getting the info you need and want in your hands.

Jerry Robertson
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PS. I’m REALLY serious! Go ahead and hit reply or comment below right now and let me know where you need help.

I’ll read your response, I promise.

I’ve been working

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So I’ve been quiet for a while because I’ve been working on something for you.

I am about to share a series of video lessons on how to create, sort and quality and communicate to your database without feeling like you’re begging. 3 video lessons that will be free to all and I hope will really help you plan and focus on the 4th quarter which will carry you into the new year. It’s October and it is the time to plan, to sit back a bit and focus on what’s coming in the new year. To make something happen in the new year.

This is not passive!

If you have received this via email then you are on the list already and don’t need to do anything more to get it. If you found this on any social platform then you may want to sign up below.

You are also encouraged to share this with friends and colleagues in your office so they can sign up.  This works best if you have a support group with you who want to work by referral. Being the Lone Ranger is a romantic idea that works in the movies but in your business it’s not so good.

Sign up below and share with folks who want to do the business of real estate by referral.

More to come shortly.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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Trust Begins with Honesty

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Do you trust me? If you know me, you might. If you don’t then I’d guess the best I’ll get is the benefit of the doubt. If you doubt something about me then you’ll wait and see if it’s true before making a decision.

Trust is earned over time and the price we pay to gain it is being honest. That costs us something but not being honest costs us more. It might seem to solve a short term problem or help us save face but once the lack of honesty is discovered then the price is lack of trust and it’s hard to get anything done if you’re not trusted.

The thought bouncing around in my head is also about forgiveness. Sometimes Trust and Forgiveness get tangled up. If someone is less than honest with you I believe you have to forgive them. That’s about you and how you treat someone who has hurt you. If you don’t forgive then it festers in you and damages your well being. It’s OK to forgive and move on.

Trust is about the other person. If someone steals from you and you forgive them I think the result is peace for you. Do you trust them again? Likely not and that’s OK. It’s how it works.

Forgiveness is about you, trust is about them but back to trust.

Being open, authentic and the same inside as outside is how we are honest with each other and over time it builds trust. It takes time together and we learn quickly who we can trust and who we shouldn’t.

I can say in my office the folks I work with are trustworthy. My vendors I recommend are trustworthy. They’ve proven it over and over. They do what they say they will do. They make it right if something goes wrong and they fess up quickly when things don’t work the way we expected. It’s simple but not easy.

Think about someone you trust. How did that start? What did they do or not do in the beginning to get that going? I meet lots of folks and over time I earn their trust by making promises and keeping them. I earn their trust by doing more than expected and giving when I don’t have to.

One quote that sums it up is  “Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundation principle that holds all relationships.” – Stephen R. Covey

There is one more post about culture and I’ll get it out this week.

See, there’s a promise I can keep 🙂

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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I’m addicted to my phone. I’ll bet you are too.

technology photo

I love Simon. He has a way to get a point across but this video is a message we all need to hear. It’s about Millennials but it’s about my grandson, my sons and even me.

I few weeks ago I started charging my phone in the living room. Watch this to the end and you’ll understand why.

He’s right.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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I get to

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I taught a class in my office recently on databases and working by referral. It’s one of my favorite things I get to do. I get to tell the new agents something they likely won’t hear anywhere else.

You can do this business by referral. 100% by referral from day one. You don’t have to make cold calls or knock on doors or talk to FSBOs if you don’t want to and I can prove it. I’ve done it and continue to do it every year.

My first broker told me I couldn’t do business this way. She told me repeatedly if I didn’t make cold calls, I’d fail. She used those words and it was disheartening to say the least. I’m here to tell you a better story and to get you on the path to working by referral and it’s free to start. In fact, I’ll teach you what I taught in that class last week and do it for free. I’m working on a new video series to do just that.

Mindset is the key to doing business by referral.  Actually, it’s the key to doing anything that moves you from where you are to the next level up. You have to fight for it.

The problem with mindset is it can change over time. To have your mind set on something is great when you start but over time the noise of all the naysayers ( and some of them are inside your own head) can be distracting and distractions are tough on your mindset.

It’s why I changed offices my second year it the business. Not companies but offices. I found a smaller, positive group of agents and a broker who believed I could do it. That change got me on the path to where I am today. I’m still in that office and plan to stay.

I hired a coach, focused on working by referral and proved to myself (and my old broker) I was right. One of the guys I have talked with about this business and doing it this way recently said he’d rather be homeless than make cold calls. I get it. That’s extreme but I truly get it.

The distractions in this business crash in on us daily. Calls from online lead sources, ads on shopping carts and someone promising to get you on the first page of Google, all for a fee. They make promises they can’t keep but put you on a 12 month contract and take your money.

Your coworkers are distractions too. They tell you how they just put a wrap on their car and they got a call from someone in traffic or that new digital billboard got them a call and a sale. It might be true but it’s based more on luck than work.

All of this stuff derails us and wastes our money in the hopes there is an easier way than cold calling or door knocking. We don’t like rejection and those methods are 99% rejection. Working by referral doesn’t have all the negative stuff attached and it builds over time. The longer you do it the easier it gets.

I’m here to teach you what has taken me 15 years to learn (so far). One lesson I got this year is I’m not looking for the largest possible audience but instead the smallest one that I can serve and connect with to be able to receive enough referrals to bring me the business I want. For me that is about 20-30 deals a year. You’d be surprised how many that takes because it’s a lot less than you’d expect.

We’ll talk more about that later but for now, just marinate on this idea and if you want to know more, sign up below for a free eBook I wrote on the topic and for regular updates from me and this blog. When the video class is ready, I’ll let you know.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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10 or 30? How many do you want?

30 photo

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The difference between a typical data base and relationship base is the number of referrals. Referrals come from people who know you, like you and trust you. Those 3 things require time and effort to cultivate. You won’t be a match for everyone and you shouldn’t try. Find the ones you resonate with and you’ll enjoy your work time a lot more.

A database is more like a mailing list you send stuff too. Stuff that tells them you are a real estate agent or tells them about the market or tells them about other stuff they don’t care about. Unless your target (gotta love that idea) is ready to do something in real estate at the moment they open your email, they delete it and likely don’t think about you again until the next drip in the campaign. You’ve spend some of the credibility or good will you have for nothing. Nothing.

A relationship base is more about them. What do they want or need? If you don’t know then you have work to do. Invest sometime finding out about them. Facebook and other social sources can tell you a lot about them. A phone call is good or drop by with a small gift that celebrates something important to them. Does that sound hard? Well, opportunity most often shows up looking like work but the payoff is worth it.

If you have a relationship base of 100 folks you can expect up to 30 transactions from it. A database you drip on is likely to produce about 10.  Remember everyone know 2 people who are going to do a real estate transaction in the next 12 months. That’s 200 deals or 400 sides. That is the real potential and your goal better be building relationships so you help more folks when the opportunity comes.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson


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