Getting Started – 10 Module Mentoring Intro

This is a free course with a limited time bonus

This is a video adaptation of the mentoring system I used to start my new agents on the right foot. They paid a percentage of their first 3 deals for this info along with face to face meetings and the invitation to call me directly with questions.

That cost them thousands of dollars for the info and that level of access.

This intro course is free to you but doesn't include the face to face time or that invitation to call. It's intended to share some insight, perspective and help you learn enough to ask good questions.

Better questions get better answers.

As a bonus to the first 10 people to sign up, you get a 30 minute Zoom call with me so we can talk and get you started. I want your feedback and I want you to succeed. Don't wait to sign up cause when I get 10 on the calendar, we'll shut this part down.

Module 1 Our First Session - What to expect
Unit 1 Our first session  - Preview
Module 2 Your goldmine is in your hands already
Unit 1 Qualifying your Database
Module 3 Clarity in direction
Unit 1 So many choices
Module 4 Lead Generation
Unit 1 Lead Gen
Module 5 Building Trust
Unit 1 Referrals = Trust
Module 6 Listings
Unit 1 List to last is true
Module 7 Buyers are quicker money, sometimes
Unit 1 Buyers can mean money quicker
Module 8 Scripts
Unit 1 Scripts and Dialogs
Module 9 Weekly Schedule
Unit 1 Flexible hours are dangerous
Module 10 Reading List
Unit 1 Reading List
Module 11 Bonus Session 1
Unit 1 Training is a blessing
Module 12 Bonus Session 2
Unit 1 Giving Referrals
Module 13 Bonus Session 3
Unit 1 Building your business