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You want a thriving, sustainable real estate business, working by referral with unlimited income and flexible hours. Real control over your schedule so you’re not working nights and weekends all the time. The real estate business is hard. Agents are sold on the ‘dream’ of unlimited income and flexible hours but don’t teach a real way to do that so it becomes flexible income and unlimited hours. Most companies and brokers just know how to teach you to make more dials or knock on doors. That is how we fail in this business.

Cold Calling is what we’re taught and while it works, it works poorly. 1 appointment out of 100 calls with 3 appointments to get 2 listings translates into 450 phone calls, 440 no’s and 2 closings (not all of them close, do they?). That is a lot of rejections in one month.

It’s a bit like a slot machine that pays off just enough to keep you engaged while emptying your pockets. We feel like failures because we either hate doing what we’re taught or we’re exhausted because we do it and get meager results.

I believe this is why new agents fail at such a high rate. It’s wrong to kill the dreams of so many (85%) and not give them an answer for the ‘how’ to do this business. If 85% fail, maybe we ought to examine why that is instead of just pushing you to do more of stuff that doesn’t work.

I know where you are because I’ve was there myself. In 2003 I was in your shoes. I worked hard my first year and only sold 7 houses. Certainly not that unlimited income I was seeking and flexible hours meant if I wasn’t working I was sleeping. I worked a lot. My team leader told me directly that if I did not make those cold calls or knock on doors ‘I would fail’. Those were her words.

I’m here to show you it’s possible to work by referral from day one because I’ve done it. I’ve never made a cold call or called an expired listing but that first year was tough. My goal is to save you the pain and trials of that first year. You can do this and I can show you how. There is a path and a plan that will get you there quicker.

This is not a silver bullet. You will work. This system takes some time and consistency of application but you won’t be making cold calls. I promise.

I can’t promise you this will work for you because you have to work the system for results to happen. My promise to you is the system does work and if you do it consistently you can work by referral and stop making those cold calls.

I’d like to see you close at least 12 deals in the next 12 months. It’s possible you’ll do more than that but at least that much to show how it’s possible to work by referral from day one. My numbers went from 7 deals my first year to 20 in my second and I’ve been between 20-30 deals every year but one. 2008 was tough on everyone but I was still No. 10 in my office that year.

If you don’t do this then you are very likely to end up with the 85% that don’t make it. You’ll end up making those cold calls or knocking on doors on Saturday morning just to struggle by. No control over your schedule and limited income because you’re trading hours for leads.

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